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It’s safe, cheap and its well-trodden backpacker trails mean that it’s easy to meet fellow travellers along the way. The laid-back nature of the country and its friendly people will ease you into your travels. Have you ever heard a snobby backpacker say “Ugh, Thailand… it’s just so touristy these days! ” As someone who has lived in several different places in Thailand and explored the country extensively, hearing this type of comment really gets my goat! The charming walled Old Town is a separated from the city by a peaceful and picturesque moat.

Considered the heart of Ko Phi Phi, this charming town is teeming with mouthwatering restaurants and lively beach bars. Koh Tao is best known as premier scuba diving and snorkeling location. With many shallow bays, easy currents and gorgeous coral reefs, many visitors come to Koh Tao to learn how to scuba dive or to upgrade their scuba diving certification. There are multiple diving schools in Mae Hat, the island’s main town, as well as in many other places around the island. Koh Tao’s coral reefs are home to a broad variety of marine life, including butterfly fish, batfish, whale sharks and bull sharks. Several museums and war cemeteries all present information about the city and its bridge during the 1940s Japan occupation.

Phuket is a popular destination for package holidays, but places such as Khao Lak or Pattaya on the mainland also attract plenty of tourists. Thailand is quite cheap and backpacking around Thailand usually costs Rs. per day. The per-day cost can be much higher if you are staying in high-end hotels and consume alcohol. Phi Phi Islands, Phuket, Koh Samui, Krabi, Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai happen to be the favorite destinations for honeymooners and couples visiting Thailand. Similan islands has accommodation options which include staying in bungalows or at campsite amidst nature.

Known for its beautiful scenery, the best way for you to get around and see the island is by motorbike. As you explore you’ll find there’s no shortage of cafes, bars, and restaurants that serve delectable seafood. The islands are also becoming an increasingly popular destination for sailing, and with something to do for everyone, you won’t want to miss this destination while you’re in Thailand. As you venture north, the beaches become quieter and more pristine. Haad Son, Haad Salad and Malibu Beach are great for families and couples.

Walk the streets in search of clues to its imperial past and hire a bike to ride through the countryside, exploring the area’s ruins. Communities based on agriculture inhabited Siam as early as the 6th century. In the following centuries, Siam came under the influence of the Khmer, Dvaravati and Malay cultures, with some temples and monuments in modern-day Thailand showing evidence of this influence. In the 13th century, the city of Sukhothai in northern Thailand became an important capital.

Northern Thailand

It’s believed that over five percent of the species on the planet live within the park. It’s common to see small creatures like Malaysian tapirs, wild boars, and pig-tailed macaques, although sightings of larger animals like Asian elephants and tigers are rarer. At the heart of the park is Cheow Lan, a sparkling turquoise lake dotted with floating raft houses and colorful long-tail boats.

  • There is a boutique feel to the hotel and the staff take excellent care of their guests.
  • However, you will definitely need a passport that is at least valid for six months past your entrance date.
  • Phuket is known as `the pearl of the Andaman Sea` and for good reason, blanketed by idyllic white-sand beaches and tropical turquoise waters.
  • Tickets are very reasonably priced and must be bought directly from the train station or online.
  • The one right in the middle is perhaps the most popular of all national parks in the country, it’s the Khao Sok National Park.

From epic beach parties to drinking sessions with locals, only a few specific areas are as seedy as is often depicted on television. Thai food is celebrated around the world for its savory flavors and spicy potential. But forget the myth that all Thai food is spicy — most restaurants will ask how much pain you can handle or allow you to add your own spice. For large purchases made on your trip, you can request a VAT refund at the airport as you exit Thailand. Haggling is a part of Thai culture, and you should bargain playfully for purchases such as souvenirs and clothing. Accommodation and activities can often be negotiated, but always keep in mind the rules of saving face.

What To Do In Phuket

In general, the smaller the beach destination the better, in our opinion. Koh Lanta is an offbeat yet one of the most amazing places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon. The large island consists of 9 small islands and is dotted with endless sandy beaches, dense mangroves, rich marine life and corals. One of the most romantic Thailand honeymoon destinations in this group of 130 secluded and tranquil islands, enough to make the earth turn into a paradise for love-struck couples. Krabi is a paradise gifted with picturesque landscapes, caves, coral reefs, and untouched beaches that makes it one of the best tourist places to visit in Thailand for a honeymoon.

Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations

Sukhothai Historical Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is popular with travelers, particularly on those occasional nights when the park remains open and the graceful Buddhas are illuminated by lights. A province on southern Thailand’s Andaman coast, Krabi is an almost otherworldly region of labyrinthine archipelagos. It is here where islands seem to erupt vertically out of the sea. Many of its secluded beaches are only accessible by colorfully adorned long tail boats.

Most travelers will nevertheless want to avoid visiting in the middle of the rainy season, when many hiking trails are closed and many island ferries might not run. Koh Samui is the largest of the three and has its own airport. Backpackers often consider this island ‘dull’ or ‘too expensive’, though it’s the best place for finding upscale resorts, luxury hotels, and clean beaches.

Traveling by train has a certain charm and romance that flying just doesn’t have. If you like smaller independent hotels then I recommend searching on and They have the largest selections of independent and boutique hotels, and Agoda is also specialized in the Asia region. Thailand sees millions of tourists a year but that does mean traveling there is pretty easy—even if you have little travel experience. The northwest province of Mae Hong Son is one of Thailand’s least populated and most ethnically diverse. The best way to explore it is to rent a scooter or motorbike in Chiang Mai, typically costing under $10 per day, then riding all your way around the Mae Hong Son Loop, which takes about 4 days minimum.

Best Cities in Thailand for Vacations

Koh Lanta is a small island located 800 km away from Bangkok on the west coast of Thailand. This party free shallow beach is very popular among couples and honeymooners. The beaches of Koh Lanta are very long which makes this place less crowded and one of the best honeymoon destinations in Thailand. You can spend here a relaxing time with your partner enjoying the turquoise water in a charming atmosphere.

The old city is 12 km from Sukhothai City and has 197 historical ruins and is also a UNESCO world heritage site. The charming city is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Thailand. One of the impeccable and best places to honeymoon in Thailand, there’s no place better than Phi Phi Islands, one of the most exotic places in Thailand. Apart from its gorgeous beaches, the exotic Thailand honeymoon resorts and villas here add on to the luxury, peace, and comfort that couples get to experience while holidaying here.

Be sure to take some photos in-front of Khao Kanab Nam, Krabi’s iconic two hills that rise out from the water. Everybody dreams about Thailand – the turquoise waters, lush green rainforests, local street food vendors, vibrant cities, and golden temples. Take a journey through the most popular destinations in Thailand and plan the bucket-list trip of your dreams.